Surgical Accessories

I-MED Animal Health is proud to offer cataract surgery accessories.   We offer high-strength and superb handling sutures, best-fit-with-less-risk capsular tension rings, and Monoblue, a selective tissue  staining agent.


I-SUTURE PGLA suture is a synthetic absorbable suture with superb handling through tissue, high tensile strength through the critical wound healing period, and excellent knot security and tie down.

The PGLA suture retains approximately 75% of the original tensile strength at 2 weeks and 50% at 3 weeks during subcutaneous tissue implantation studies in rats. Absorption of I-SUTURE is essentially complete between 90 and 100 days.

I-SUTURE PGLA suture is a synthetic absorbable suture composed of a copolymer made from 90% glycolide and 10% L-lactide (PGLA). It is coated with calcium stearate and 30:70 poly(glycolide-co-L-lactide).

Available in 2 sizes:
  • VG548 – 8-0 (PGA Coated Violet Braided)
  • VG449 – 9-0 (PGA Violet Monofilament)



App. Strength

Absorption Profile

Braided /

Violet /

81% @ 14d58% @ 21d25% @ 28d0% @ 35-42d



K9-CTR Capsular Tension Rings

The K9-CTR™ is a useful tool to simplify IOL implantation. It helps reduce post-operative complications and ensure more consistent surgical outcomes. The K9-CTR™ permits circular expansion of capsular bags, improves IOL centration and resists capsular shrinkage.

  • Appropriate sizes to ensure correct stabilization.
  • Range of sizes give the surgeon the versatility to improve cataract surgery in the majority of companion animals.
Includes a single-use injector. Available in 13mm or 16mm for use with any IOL.
  • K9 CTR-13
  • K9 CTR-16

MONOBLUE SafR - (Trypan Blue)

Trypan blue helps surgeons visualize the bag when performing capsulorhexis and other anterior segment procedures. MONOBLUE SafR also improves tolerance of trypan blue thanks to purification of the raw material and the addition of mannitol.

To ensure maximum tolerance, the exclusive proprietary purification process guarantees the extraction of toxic components such as toludine – violet, and monoazo, thereby improving tolerance of MONOBLUE SafR.

The addition of mannitol, known for its antioxidant properties, combined with the already-purified trypan blue, enhances the tolerance of MONOBLUE SafR.

The high percentage of blue >95% in MONOBLUE SafR enhances its staining power on the capsule, or the tissues of the anterior segment such as Descemet’s membranes, trabeculum, etc.

The use of a long pre-filled syringe and specific plunger guarantees a smooth, controlled injection.

General indications
  • Temporary staining of the capsule
  • Temporary staining of intrastromal corneal tissue
  • Temporary staining of the Descemet’s membrane
  • Visualization of the position of the corneal graft on recipient tissues during keratoplasty