Lubricating Eye Drops for Pets

What are Viscoadaptive eye drops?

I-DROP® VET is a lubricating solution that brings immediate and long-lasting relief to companion animals suffering from dry eyes.

I-DROP® VET GEL & I-DROP® VET PLUS contain medical-grade hyaluronan (HA) and glycerin as two key ingredients.
  • Hyaluronan is a naturally occurring substance in the body that retains water to act as an effective lubricant.
  • Glycerin stabilizes the lipid layer of the tear film reducing evaporation of tears.
This unique formulation offers superior hydration and stabilizes the tear film, resulting in immediate comfort. Because I-DROP® VET hydrates longer, fewer applications are required , resulting in lower therapy cost and making it easier and more convenient for you and your pet.

The viscoadaptive nature of medical grade hyaluronan and the dispersive properties of glycerin promote excellent coating and recoating of the surface of the eye with every blink without blurring the vision or being blinked off rapidly. The I-DROP® VET can be used for all species and breeds (companion, exotic, and farm animals). Use on pets diagnosed with Dry Eye Disease or any other condition where eye lubrication would be beneficial.

Detailed Features of I-DROP® VET

I-DROP® VET viscoadaptive artificial tears mimics healthy tear film viscosity while blinking ​​​to provide the longest-lasting relief
The viscoadaptive nature of medical grade hyaluronan and glycerin promote excellent coating and recoating of the surface of the eye, providing superior moisturizing and lubrication for enhanced patient comfort and longer residence time without blurring or foreign body sensation.

Lipid layer​​ stabilization

Glycerin reduces evaporation of the aqueous layer of tear film, resulting in longer corneal dwelling time.

HA Increases water retention on the surface of the eye.
  • 0.30% HA I-DROP® VET GEL
  • 0.25% HA I-DROP® VET PLUS

Contains osmoprotectants​​​

Osmoprotectants, such as glycerin present in our I-DROP® VET, will protect water-stressed cells on the eye’s surface when tear osmolarity increases.

Preservative-free option with an innovative bottle design

A non-preserved eye drop, such as I-DROP® VET GEL, will prevent further irritation of the eye from prolonged use.

Prolonged period of use after opening

Both the I-DROP® VET GEL and the I-DROP® VET PLUS give you enough time to use up the product safely.
  • I-DROP® VET GEL can be used up to 12 months after opening
  • I-DROP® VET PLUS can be used up until expiry date

Eye drops and their importance in providing lubrication and hydration for dry eyes

  • Fewer applications
  • Lower therapy cost
  • Human quality standards
  • Increased comfort
  • Easy to Apply