Eye Care

I-MED Animal Health offers a variety of eye care products to help manage dry eyes, including our uniquely formulated viscoadaptive lubricating eye drops and our premium line of ocular hygiene products.

Lubricating Eye Drops 


The surface of the eye is covered by a thin layer of tears which keep the eye surface lubricated and allows oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to the cornea.  Tears provide a vital role in maintaining ocular health by:

  • Rinsing the surface of the eye to keep it clean
  • Lubricating the eyelid

When insufficient tears are produced, or the quality of tears is compromised, your animal patients can experience dry eyes. 



  • Red eyes
  • Frequent rubbing of eye area with paws
  • Watery eyes
  • Tearing, with tear-staining of fur around the eyes
  • Accumulation of secretions and/or debris on eyelashes, eyelids and lid margins
  • Evidence of pain or soreness near the animal’s eyes when you try to clean them

I-DROP® VET, our uniquely formulated line of lubricating viscoadaptive tears, provides superior hydration of the eye surface, while increasing comfort with blink- activated coating and recoating of the cornea.  I-DROP® VET remains on the surface of the eye for a longer period of time in comparison to other eye drops on the market, which results in lower costs because fewer applications are needed.

Tear Stain & Facial Fold Odor Prevention and Ocular Hygiene

 I-LID ’N LASH® VET is highly safe and effective at preventing tear stains on fur around the eyes.  It can also be used to prevent unwanted facial fold odors in breeds such as pugs and bulldogs.

Proper ocular hygiene is a key step in breaking the cycle of ocular surface inflammation.

Daily hygiene for lids and lashes reduces inflammation and gently removes residue and secretions.  Uniquely formulated to provide a gentle and comfortable daily hygiene experience, I LID ’N LASH® VET delivers superior performance by reducing the bio-burden on lids and lashes, while effectively reducing and preventing tear stains and facial fold odors.