I-TEAR® Test

Strip Meniscometry Test for Measuring Tear Volume.

Quantitative Tear Function Test

The I-TEAR® Test is a quick and easy test to measure the volume of tears produced. The quantitative measurement provides important information on the efficacy of the patient’s lacrymal system as part of a complete KCS diagnosis protocol.

  • Non-invasive
  • Quick, 5 second test
  • No anaesthetic required

How to use:

1. Carefully open the transparent, sterile pouch at either of the ends of the pouch as to not damage the device.

2. Hold in the center of I-TEAR® Test as indicated in the diagram to the right. Do not touch the tips of the strip containing the blue dye area.

3. Apply the tip of the I-TEAR® Test of R mark portion on the right eye for 5 seconds to the lateral lower lid tear meniscus without touching the cornea and conjunctiva.

Contact with tear
Avoid touching the cornea

4. Measure the length of the stained tear column, marking by a pen. A reading of 8 and over is normal, anything under 8 is deficient.

5. Repeat the same procedure of L mark portion tip on the left eye.