I-PHACO® Surgical System

I-PHACO® Surgical System

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The I-PHACO® Phacoemulsification System is a complete anterior segment surgical system.  Lightweight and portable, it offers high-end performance and features in a small console.

I-PHACO® Features:

  • Small lightweight console
  • Large foldable color touch screen
  • User friendly controls
  • Non-invasive vacuum sensing
  • Multimode phaco
  • Automated I/V pole interface
  • USB upgradeable
  • Ultra-light four crystal U/S handpiece
  • Custom programs (up to 24 users)
  • Easy loading non-invasive tubing cartridge

I-PHACO® Modes:

  • U/S burst, micro
  • Anterior Vitrectomy
  • Coag (Diathermy)
  • I / A

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